Sunday, March 31

DESSIN/DRAWING - tiger's eye


I don't have any new drawings to share at the moment, so I thought I would share older ones as there aren't any on this blog. As much as I have been crafting for over 15 years, I stopped stamping for the last few years to focus on drawing instead. Coloured pencils at first, pastel pencils afterwards, baby steps in watercolour lately, it's a wonderful journey I would love to embrace more, given the time.

This one was a quick try on velours paper. I never did the whole tiger, only the eye. Drawing eyes is an excellent exercise. I just wanted to see how the pencils (here Faber Castell Polychromos) would take on this paper and it worked beautifully. It took layers after layers. In fact, I would probably not use any other paper when it comes to drawing a furry animal. No idea what the brand of the paper is, my mother gave it to me.
Will share more drawings soon.

Je n'ai pas de nouveaux dessins à partager en ce moment, mais comme ce blog est nouveau, et qu'il n'y a aucun de mes dessins de postés, je vais les ajouter ici de temps en temps. Bien que je me sois plongée dans les loisirs créatifs il y a plus de 15 ans, j'ai fait une pause ces dernières années pour me consacrer au dessin. J'ai utilisé les crayons de couleur d'abord, puis les pastel, et il y a quelques balbutiements d'aquarelle dernièrement. C'est une super aventure à laquelle j'aimerais consacrer plus de temps, si je le pouvais.

Celui-ci était juste un essai en fait. Je n'ai jamais fait le tigre en entier, mais j'en ferai un, un jour. En fait, j'adore dessiner les yeux d'animaux (c'est un excellent exercice), et le but était d'essayer les Polychromos de Faber Castell sur du papier velours que ma mère (artiste elle aussi) m'avait donné. J'ai adoré ce papier et je pense que tout dessin de félin sera fait sur ce papier maintenant. Je posterai un autre jour un dessin d'un chat fait sur ce papier aussi. 


Merci d'être passés et pour tout commentaire si vous en laissez un

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Saturday, March 30

CARD - Masculine / Chess


Just a quick post to share the card I made for my son who turns 23 this week (ouch)
Juste un petit passage rapide pour vous montrer la carte que j'ai faite pour l'anniv de mon fils

I used PaperArtsy Fresco Finish paints and Infusions, TWC and ToutenColle stencils (for the 23) and Distress inks
J'ai utilisé les peintures Fresco Finish et Infusions, les pochoirs TWC et ToutenColle (pour le "23") ainsi que des encres Distress
 Chess pieces are clear embossed. 
Les pions d'échec sont embossés avec de la poudre transparente

Back and inside of the card as well as the envelope are stamped and stencilled as well.
L'arrière de la carte et l'enveloppe sont tamponnés + pochoir aussi

A bientôt - See you soon

Thursday, March 28



I have so many gazillion things I have made in the last 15 years that are not online anymore (or have never been) that I thought I would do a TBT post every week.. well... when I remember in time 😂
J'ai tellement de réas que j'ai faites depuis plus de 15 ans qui ne sont plus en ligne (ou qui ne l'ont jamais été d'ailleurs) que j'ai pensé faire un TBT (Throw back Thursday) tous les jeudis.... ou du moins quand je m'en rappellerai 😬

I very often start my AJ page from a quote. Especially the pages I post online as journaling is too personal. There is so much you can imagine from a quote.
Sometimes, I look at the stamps I want to use and go through my quote book/list and find one that (I think) would go well with the stamps... It's a very good way to get over the blank page syndrome too.
Je commence souvent mes pages avec une citation. Surtout celles que je fais poster en ligne, puisque le journaling est trop personnel. Il y a tellement de choses que vous pouvez imaginer à partir d'une citation.
Parfois, je choisis les tampons que je veux utiliser et je cherche un citation correspondante dans mon "carnet de citations"... (en fait j'ai carnet et je ne sais combien de listes). C'est un bon moyen de commencer une page quand vous faites face au "syndrome de la page blanche"

Here is one I did .... 5 or 6 years ago I think... Can't remember what I used exactly. 
I would say, looking at it... PaperArtsy Fresco Finish paints... TWC stencils....Stampotique stamps (Jo Capper Sandon's designs) and rub-ons.... Faber Castel PITT markers
En voici une faite il y a ... 5 ou 6 ans je pense... Je ne me rappelle pas de ce que j'ai utilisé exactement, mais je dirais... les peintures Fresco Finish... pochoirs TWC ... tampons Stampotique et les marqueurs Pitt de Faber Castell

See you soon
A bientôt 


Tuesday, March 26



Pour le tuto en français de cette carte, je vous invite à aller sur le blog de ToutEnColle

Here's a quick card made with PaperArtsy stamps Efilumps. As much as I love inks, paints, texture and volume on my cards, I also love the "less is more" option. Also means a quickly made card, which sometimes is necessary 😉

 Stamp the Efilump on a (watercolour in my case) card and on a masking paper using a waterproof ink

Apply the mask on the Efilump and apply Tattered Rose Distress Ink through the stencil. Stamp de background using Weathered Wood Distress Ink. Stamp the quote using black ink

Remove the masking paper

Colour the Efilump with the medium of your choice. I used Derwent Inktense pencils. Add some Glossy Accent on the glasses and toe nails. Efilumps are allowed to pamper themselves after all 😀

Et voilà, 
A card for an old friend who will receive it soon :)

Thanks for popping by
See you soon

Friday, March 22

CARD - Spring is here!

Pour la version française de ce tuto, je vous invite à aller sur le blog de ToutEnColle

Yes, I know, another card + bookmark, but hopefully, it's the last one for a bit.I had to do another sample with this PaperArtsy plate, so I chose a completely different colour scheme.... and used purple... not something you will see me use often, but it's my sister-in-law's favourite colour so purple it is :)

Started by stamping the first flower, bending it slightly on my acrylic block. I then masked the stem and lower flowers  

I then stamped the other flowers (still bent on the acrylic block) and then removed the mask

Used Distress Oxide (first, sprayed and dried) and Distress in (on top) to ink the background making sure I left the flowers white. Used the masks again when necessary.

Stamped the grass in green and black at the bottom of the card

Stamped the "sun" and vines (?) at the top of the card using the blue Distress and black ink

Coloured the flowers using Derwent Inktense pencils


If you are not sure if a stamp will fit on your card, or not sure where to place it, stamp it on tracing paper. 

You can then position it on your card to see where it will fit best

I used some Fresco Finish paint (Snowflake) and a brush to add splashes on the background

Also added some white gel pen on the second flowers to make them pop more

Finally, I applied some Nuvo glimmer paste with a brush on the white flowers and the centre of the purple ones

Here's the final card and bookmark going in the post today

Hope you enjoyed this 
Have a wonderful weekend


Friday, March 15

CARD - A million flowers...

Pour le tuto complet et pas-à-pas en français, je vous invite à aller sur le blog de ToutEnColle 😊

Here's my latest card and bookmark made for my niece. She said yellow and pink and I know she loves flowers, so hopefully she will like it.
Definitely felt like a million flowers when I cut them all out 😅

For this project I have used PaperArtsy stamps (EKC04), Fresco Finish Paints and Infusions

The bookmark is inserted inside the card prior to sending

There are more step-by-step pictures on the ToutEnColle blog in French but here's a quick overview on how I made this card
Made the background with PA paint and ToutEnColle stencil using a Cut n' Dry sponge

Stamped the flowers on both card and bookmark

On a separate piece of card I sprinkled and sprayed some PaperArtsy Infusions. 
Once dry, I stamped the flowers again several times to make sure each flower would have a different colour / effect

I then cut all the flowers (yeah... I know... what was I thinking?) and layered/glued on the stamped background. I also glued extra flowers (might as well, spent enough time cutting them out 😀)

I added some Nuvo Glimmer Paste (moonstone) in the center of the flowers

Bit more stamping, a bit more Infusions on the background, a touch of Glitter glue on the stamped branches and you only have to mount on a black card.

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Thursday, March 14

CARD and bookmark - Red Flower

Both my nieces have asked me to make a bookmark for them. So I had to do the card to send the bookmark, right?
My niece Amandine asked for something red.
Mes deux nièces m'ont demandé de leur faire un marque-page. Bien sûr j'ai voulu faire la carte qui va avec. Amandine, voulait quelque chose en rouge... alors voilà...

I did not have any Fresco Finish Grey paint, so I made my own with white, black and a tad of blue :)  Applied this with Cut n' Dry foam
Je n'avais pas de Fresco finish grise, alors j'ai fait moi-même avec blanc+noir+bleu. Je l'ai appliquée avec la mousse Cut n' Dry

Added a touch of Infusions 
J'ai ajouté un peu d'Infusions

I then stamped the flower on the tags/card using India Black ink. Also stamped spare flowers on separate card, including some with text
J'ai tamponné les fleurs sur mes cartes, et sur une carte blanche aquarelle avec l'encre India Black

Coloured the flowers using Derwent Inktense pencils and added a touch of Infusions and painted Golden Glass Bead gel in the centre of the flower.
J'ai coloré les fleurs avec les crayons Inktense de Derwent. J'ai ajouté un peu d'Infusions et du gel Golden Glass Bead peint en noir au centre des fleurs

Used a metal stencil (Dreamweaver I think) and Nuvo Glimmer Paste (Moonstone) to add texture to the background.
Afin d'ajouter du relief sur le fond de carte, j'ai utilisé la Nuvo Glimmer Paste avec un pochoir métal (marque Dreamweaver je crois)

Here's the final card, tag and bookmark, all matching
Voici la carte, le marque-page et le tag finis. Tous assortis

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