Friday, March 15

CARD - A million flowers...

Pour le tuto complet et pas-à-pas en français, je vous invite à aller sur le blog de ToutEnColle 😊

Here's my latest card and bookmark made for my niece. She said yellow and pink and I know she loves flowers, so hopefully she will like it.
Definitely felt like a million flowers when I cut them all out 😅

For this project I have used PaperArtsy stamps (EKC04), Fresco Finish Paints and Infusions

The bookmark is inserted inside the card prior to sending

There are more step-by-step pictures on the ToutEnColle blog in French but here's a quick overview on how I made this card
Made the background with PA paint and ToutEnColle stencil using a Cut n' Dry sponge

Stamped the flowers on both card and bookmark

On a separate piece of card I sprinkled and sprayed some PaperArtsy Infusions. 
Once dry, I stamped the flowers again several times to make sure each flower would have a different colour / effect

I then cut all the flowers (yeah... I know... what was I thinking?) and layered/glued on the stamped background. I also glued extra flowers (might as well, spent enough time cutting them out 😀)

I added some Nuvo Glimmer Paste (moonstone) in the center of the flowers

Bit more stamping, a bit more Infusions on the background, a touch of Glitter glue on the stamped branches and you only have to mount on a black card.

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